A Trip To The Moon – Milos Island, Greece.

Milos Island

The Unexpected

I was very dissapointed when the captain of the ship announced that we could not anchor by the island of Santorini due to bad weather. Instead, they sent us to another island called Milos and it is located approximately 3-hours from Santorini. I pouted like a tantruming child when I heard the news. I have always wanted to see the alleged romantic island of Santorini. The service crew told me that Milos was just a small fishing village with nothing much to do or see other than its beaches. In my mind, Milos didn’t have a chance. I made a quick judgment of an Island I had not even set foot in yet. However, I decided to give Milos a fair chance. When the ship docked, I wasted no time exploring the island. They were wrong, and I was mistaken! Milos is almost identical with Santorini; all the beauty, but a fraction of the crowds. Unfortunately, it was a day trip, so I only had the chance to go to one beach, Sarakiniko beach. Truth to be told, I was blown away in a “pinch me! Am I dreaming?” sort of way. The terrain is made of white volcanic rock giving the whole area a ‘lunar’ feel, and the water is virtually waveless. It looks like a sci-fi scene from the Moon! It was breathtaking.

Sarakiniko beach

The fishing village 

While I didn’t make it to the other beaches, I did spend a good hour or so on the pier of the fishing village, soaking in the scene in front of me and day dreaming how one would hypothetically go about purchasing a seaside property in the area and just retire young. So if you’re into a secluded hidden beach with stone arches, underwater caves, white sand, narrow trails, crystal blue waters, and photogenic Greek fishing villages, Milos is your place.

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