The Apocalypse of John – Patmos Island, Greece

View from the Cave of Apocalypse

Patmos is not a big island, but it is well known for its history that is so strongly related to religion. To the Greeks, it is a holy island.  It is known as the centre of pilgrimage for Orthodox Christians. A thing you must see once you visit Patmos are the Monastery of Saint John the Evangelist and the sacred Cave of Apocalypse where he was said to have written the Book of Revelation. Religious or not, it’s a great place to visit.

The Cave of Apocalypse

The Cave of Apocalypse is surrounded by a monastery, which stands out with its white colour (my favourite colour). The Cave is located below the monastery, so I had to go down steep steps in order to get to the Cave. I was not allowed to take photographs inside the Cave. The cave was dark, very small, and decorated with hanging lamps. The caretaker showed me the place where St. John slept. There is a hole in the rock wall just beside his bed, and he uses it to lift himself up when he wakes up. People were lining up to touch the hole in the rock to pray, and so did I.

The Cave of ApocalypseThe Cave of Apocalypse

The Monastery of Saint John

The Monastery of Saint John’s entire structure is white and grey walls. It’s very peaceful. Inside the monastery, you can see hanging rustic church bells, whitewashed walls, flowered yards, snow white chapels, small shops and cafes and narrow alleys. A real delight.

Streets of Patmos

I continued to go to the main town and visited some villages, which I liked very much. There weren’t that many people. As I stroll down the narrow alleys, I felt a sense of peace and calmness. You will appreciate the quietness and seclusion of the island.

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