A Medieval Time Capsule – Rhodes Island, Greece

If you’re visiting the Ancient Greek probably for the first time, there is so much to see and do at the same time. Rhodes Island typifies the face of Greece. The world famous Island offers tourists from all over the world a plethora of amazing options throughout the year. Rhodes Island exhibits eternal beauty, with the historical monuments, its cosmopolitan nature, and its ever-welcoming residents. It now boasts of excellent infrastructural facilities like ultra modern hotels that will leave visitors with that heavenly feeling.

Rhodes Old Town- Explore the Medieval City

Nothing beats the sight of the only place on earth where three continents meet. If this is not a glorious spectacle, then there will never be one. At Rhodes Old town, you won’t miss seeing the medieval city. it starts to take your breath away from the first moment; the walls and gates are really grandiose and well preserved. It was pretty cool to have castle walls and fortifications around an entire city. I really enjoyed walking the streets of Old Town and imagining living during this time period.

Entering the City, you will discover that the great history is spread everywhere within the walls, the Palace of Grand Master of Knights, the Hospital of the Knights where the Archeological Museum is located, the Old Churches especially the Saint Panteleimon and Saint Fanourios, the many Mosques that are kept in their original shape and renovated especially the Suleiman the Magnificent Mosque, and the many other beautiful old monuments and buildings. Walking in the pedestrian streets is a joy by itself; full of hundreds of souvenirs shops, restaurants and cafes; you can spend hours walking or sitting in one of the cafes or having a delicious meal in one of the beautiful restaurants at a very cheap cost; while watching the crowd passing by.

Breathtaking and Historical Temple of Apollo

The sanctuary of Apollo at Delphi is home to a very significant building; The Temple of Apollo. Be sure to create time to take a look at the timeless marvel that served as a holy place for the Greek gods. You may never have the opportunity of seeing something so old in your life so a few photos will not be a bad idea. After all what else can you use to keep the memories alive?

Sundowner Moments at The Kolimbia Beach

Be sure to get away from the sun by swimming at the Kolympia beach. This is where all your problems escape for a while. Being in waters dividing continents, let alone countries is incredible. The golden beaches of Rhodes Island have it all.

Real Taste of Rhodes

You can’t claim to have had an amazing time in Greece without eating a delicious meal of fish, chips and freshly prepared Greek salad by first class chefs from the popular Limanaki Restaurant. These are experts who have been perfecting the art of Greek delicacies since the early 1950s and today they are the blueprint for fresh salad and seafood. Their service is excellent and professional, complementing the exquisite view of the immediate beach environment.

Famous Home of Ceramic Supplies

Lest you forget, you are deep in the source of those imported ceramic products you’ve been seeing. Rhodes Island is famous for ceramic supplies, and if you are lucky you might just get a glimpse of a few outlets supplying this product. Isn’t it fun having firsthand information about the actual source of ceramic products you’ve used for years without answers?

In a nutshell, Rhodes Island is rich both in resources and attractions. Your excursion guarantees fun in subtle ways, firstly, getting in real touch with history. Books have been written, but being in Rhodes has no equal. It is that place you’d wish to visit over and over again. It’s natural site endowment is second to none, and the experience is almost too incredible to be real.

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