7 Reasons Why Traveling Solo Should be in Your Bucket List


Traveling is one of life’s greatest joys and it is definitely something that you should consider doing alone at least once. There will be plenty of opportunities to travel the world with family and friends, but there is something so profound about experiencing it alone. While the prospect of solo travel can be scary at first, it would be an experience worth pursuing. You would certainly not want to look back when you are in your 80s and regret not having traveled by yourself at least once.

Here are 7 great reasons to travel solo and see the world by yourself:

1. Making New Friends Along the Way

Travelling with family, friends, and/or your significant other is fun but it does limit your chances of socialising with new people because you tend to be “exclusive”. Travelling to countries by yourself allows you to make new acquaintances and even forge friendships that can transcend distances.

2. Engaging with the locals

One of the most important benefits of world travel is being able to connect with people of various cultures and practices. Being a solo traveller gives you to the chance to rub elbows with the locals and find out more about their lives and experiences. It would not only enrich your knowledge but also allow you to see your life in a slightly different perspective.

3. You are free to explore and experience any kind of adventure on a whim

Not having company means your schedule is whatever you decide it would be at any given time. Whether you suddenly decide to go hiking or just relaxing in the park, you can do so without having to plan for it. There will be no need to consult with other people whether they would be interested in your kind of activity because it is all up to you.

4. You gain deep understanding and appreciation of the places you visit

Visiting different places and being able to immerse yourself completely in the uniqueness of the culture and geography allows you to really appreciate how diverse the rest of the world is. There are fewer distractions that would take away from all your new experiences and you can stay as long as you feel like it. When I travel, I usually believe in living like the locals. Do what the locals do, eat what the locals eat.

5. It feels liberating to go to places where no one knows who you are and not accountable to anyone. 

It is a rare treat to be able to roam around where you are just another face in the crowd. You can practically disappear in the backdrop of all the places you visit and just bask in the glory of complete anonymity.

6. Alone time is healthy.

Many people do not realise that they are in co-dependent relationships, which is not at all healthy. Travelling alone gives you a chance to be independent and find out that you can, in fact, do things on your own and perhaps even become a better person because of it. You will realise that you can and will have fun on your own, and it is not something to feel guilty about.

7. Distance makes you appreciate all the important people in your life. 

While a tad cliche, distance does make the heart grow fonder. Going away on adventures alone will give you the rare chance of missing your loved ones, and for them to miss you. Coming back home will never be sweeter when you have been away for some time and you realise just how lucky you are to have such loving and understanding people in your life. What’s more is that you can even inspire your friends and family to try solo travel as well, which would give them the same benefits you just enjoyed.

All in all, solitary travel is not for loners or anti-socials. It is for people who want to experience life’s wonders at its best, sans the distractions of schedules and other constraints. It is a liberating and enriching experience that everyone should do at least once, if not more. Try it!

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