The Big Island Adventure- Hilo, Big Island, Hawaii


If this is not your first visit to Hawaii, then you have probably seen most of the common stuff around this magical island and without a doubt, you must have enjoyed it. Then it’s definite that this time you want something new, something fascinating and above all a uniquely new experience. Where are you going to get this new experience?

The place is Hilo, Big Island in Hawaii, have you ever been there? If you are trying to recall if you have been there or not, then you haven’t there. This is one of the few places that if you visit, its charming memories will always be on your mind. What you will experience at this place can just not allow you to forget. This is the largest island of Hawaii and it is full of wonders. The volcanoes found in this place shape your experience on this island. Let me touch just a few places out of the many you should visit in Big Island.

1. Lava Tree Trail

Welcome to Lava Tree State Park. A lava flow that occurred in 1790 made the place a must-visit for any traveler. By visiting this park, you will get the rare opportunity of going for a hike into the over 200 years old lava trees. As a newbie to this park, you should know that the hiking trail does not favor wheelchairs. Hiking at this magnificent trail usually takes between 20 minutes and an hour. How long the hike will take for you totally depends on how mesmerized you will be during the hike.

2. Ahalanui Hot Pond

What do you think of spending some time in a natural hot tub? If you think this will be a dream come true for you, then the Ahalanui Hot Pond is there for you. This hot pond is found in proximity to the Pacific Ocean. The hot tub as it is commonly referred to us is fed by a natural fresh water spring and the Pacific Ocean.

The volcanoes of Big Island are responsible for heating the water on this hot tub. It is said that there are times that the temperature of the water here hits 90 degrees Celsius. What makes bathing in this hot tub even more exciting is the excellent view of the Pacific you get from there. The surrounding environment is also amazing. You can enjoy some grilled meat as you relax here.

3. Black Sand Beach – Home of green turtles

What’s your beach experience? If you have been in other beaches around the world, then you may have noticed something. Nearly all of them have white sand or something close to that. Here in Big Island, you will find something very rare and very unique. This beach is also home to the rare green turtles. That’s the Black sand beach. Trust me when I tell you this, just looking at the beach from a distance is fascinating. You can’t even begin to imagine how it feels like to walk on it. What about lying on it? I can say, you got to visit Hawaii to find out about that.

Black Sand Beach-6.jpg

4. Green Sand Beach

Just when you thought you had seen it all with the Black sand beach in Big Island, there comes another shocker. The Green sand beach. The sand on this beach is not literally green. So don’t get disappointed. Some components of this beach’s sand are slightly green. They give this beach some greenish sense.

The Green sand beach is one of the most exotic places on this island. The huge cliff-like rocks on this beach actually seem much a result of Midas touch. Take my word for it; there are huge rocks on this beach. So if you plan to go hiking around this place make sure that you prepare yourself well. It was tough one for me. Apart from that swimsuit, carry some rock climbing stuff and you will have a really great time around this place. You also have an option of renting some local cars for around $20 to facilitate your hike if you too tired to walk or jog.

Green Sands-3.jpg

5. Akaka Fall

Waterfalls are amazing. That’s a fact no one can contradict. If you are a newbie to this whole tourism thing, then you haven’t gotten a chance to see anything like the Akaka fall. Looking at it, you will actually think that water is coming out of Mother Earth’s small mouth. The fall gives water falling off a milky white color. Who said water was colorless? Maybe they haven’t been to a water fall like Akaka fall. Here you camera will come in handy. Also make sure your other hand has a well-packed picnic basket.

6. Rainbow Falls

If the name hasn’t gotten you curious, then you should be curious. This is a name with a meaning. As water falls off the rocks, there is always a rainbow at the water surface on the lower end of the falls. Just do you know, the said rainbow is a really large rainbow? The Rainbow falls is one place in Hawaii that you can see the rainbow anytime any day. Besides that, the environment here is very serene. This is a place that you will want to stay little longer than you had planned if you visited.


7. The Special Treat – National Volcano Park

If you visit the National Volcano Park with a US army friend you will get a chance to stay at their camp. Here you will be able to see the amazing volcano steam vents. Can you imagine there is a live volcano down that vent?


You can also visit the Jagger Museum for another breathtaking experience. At the museum, you can see the opening to Halema ‘uma’ u volcano. Get this time correct – 4.30 AM; be at the opening to see this volcano’s Lava glow. At 5.30 AM, you will be graced by an amazing sunrise view at this volcano.

Big Island-22Big Island-23Big Island-24Big Island-25Big Island-26

The Kilaukea Iki Trail will give you a hiking experience you will always live for.


Be sure not to miss the lava tunnel.

IMPORTANT TIP: It is also important that you come with your car to this place. If you don’t own one you can go for the rental. This will help you avoid the mishaps of public transportation in this area. These mishaps happen quite often and may spoil your trip.

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