Why you should get lost while travelling.

Travelling is always an exciting endeavour. It is the aim of every traveller to get the most of their trip. This is why most people tend to plan each and everything trying to cover all areas of the intended visit. Though this is highly advisable, it is at times better to just get a map and discover the area. Going to specific areas mentioned in travel guides and site tend to limit activities. In fact, some of these areas tend to be highly similar. Getting to view the culture in different areas as they are practised in real life is just one of the many benefits as to why you should get lost travelling.

There are various benefits of getting lost when travelling. However, it is very important to take note that you should always ensure that you take the necessary safety precautions. There are two main ways to ensure that you are always safe when you travel. One of them is having a full travel insurance cover and the second is to ensure that you update people on where you are. Having a satellite phone is also highly advisable when travelling to remote areas (make sure you bring your portable battery).

Benefits of getting lost when travelling 

Unexpected adventures

Travellers that choose this form of travel get the thrill of not knowing what to expect in the next destination. This makes the trip more interesting. In the case of planned trips, you will have an idea of what to expect. For adventure seekers, this is the best way to make you adrenaline flowing.

Culture in its real form

As you randomly follow your map, you get to experience how different cultures are in real life. Most of the venues labelled on travel guides and tourist destinations do not provide this experience since they are in a controlled environment. Go talk to the locals and ask where do the locals hang out or eat traditional meals. You will get to enjoy the real traditional food and drinks from authentic restaurants or eateries. Apart from that, it helps you save more money since you will not be following the common tourist trail, which usually can be rather overpriced and exploited.

Bonding with your travel companion

As mentioned above,  safety should always be the first thing to take into consideration. This is why it is advisable to always have a travel companion. When travelling as a group of friends or family, it becomes more exciting. You can even come up with simple group activities to make the trip more adventurous. Apart from that, it is an exciting way to bond with your family and get away from your busy schedule.

Creating a different kind of memories

Getting lost while travelling actually makes the best travel stories. It helps creates memories out of the norm. Apart from that, you get to relax since you do not have to follow a specific travel plan.

Build your confidence

These types of trips help build your confidence. You will be able to understand that you have the ability to surpass anything and understand your limits. You get to learn how to speak up when conversing with locals and know how to express yourself. This is the best way of learning new cultures and languages.

Forget about travel guides or tourist pamphlets. Open your google map and go with the flow.  Keep an open mind and as long as you ensure that you practice all the necessary safety precautions it always becomes a story worth telling.

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